Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tie dying fabric using Dye-na-flow.

Sunday night I decided to tie dye a piece of fabric using Dye-na-flow.  I plan on cutting it into snippets, for a tree.  I used rubber bands to bind certain areas.  Then I soaked it  with water. 

 I used cut up straws to suction up the dye and drop it on the fabric.  I used Sun yellow, Bright Orange, Emerald green, and Brilliant red.  I threw the whole thing in a bowl for about 15 minutes to sit.  The colors were really bright at first.  I was afraid  They would be too bright.  They dulled somewhat, and where they mixed, some nice  brown colors came through.  Then I took the rubber bands off and laid it on a covered piece of heavy cardboard to dry.

Three days later I heat set it with an iron.  The colors will look really nice as leaves.....I hope!  The piece was ironed a lot.  The wrinkle  lines are from the tie dying.  It's an illusion! I almost hate to cut it up.  The fabric was originally a beige muslin.

I love painting fabric.  My table unfortunately has suffered greatly!!  I can never remember to use a vinyl table cloth. 

Happy Quilting.

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Mishka said...

This is beautiful. I'll be dyeing fabrics today. I'm going to give this a try.