Saturday, September 11, 2010

Seasons Series, Winter part 1

I've been messing with my blog layout.  All those colors were making mu eyes hurt.  Hopefully this will be better.  Eventually, I'll try to make my own banner.  I started on the Winter quilt.  First, I want to show you the sketch I made 2 weeks ago.  Don't laugh.  I've never had art lessons.

Now, lets see what the start of the quilt looks like.

They are close.  I want it whimsical, retro colors, and just plain fun.  I want to do more embellishment on this one.  Mr. Snowman needs help.  He doesn't show up very well.  Oh!  I melted a piece of the tulle that is covering the snow.  I have to fix that.  I know irons and tulle don't mix, but though I could risk it  :)
I was getting into my Saturday routine.  Sit down at 1:30 and watch some sewing programs on PBS.  I saw Nancey Zieman make a nice jacket in 30 mins.  Actually I think it was 3 jackets.  Must be nice!  Then my favorite show Quilting Arts TV, was supposed to come on at 2pm.  It didn't happen.  They had another quilting show on, Eleanor Burns.  I like Eleanor, but I was expecting Art Quilts.  They aren't interchangeable.  Oh! Well, I guess I'll go marinate some chicken for dinner.  Bummer!!!


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