Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Modern Sampler Block 1

I've been gone way too long.  Working full time has really put a cramp in my quilting.  I have lots to tell but first I want to show what I made today.

A few weeks ago I was rearranging the clump of blankets on my bed ( I won't lie and say I was making the bed) and realized that my main quilt doesn't cover the entire king size bed.  I made it when Sweetie Pie and I married and it's a tad short on the sides.  So I decide I want a new bed quilt, last one made 8 years ago or more :) 

I sat down and decided to make a Modernish sampler quilt with blocks of different sizes.  I sat down drew up a few details and tried to make size requirements for blocks.  Then decided that was too much work and I would just wing it!  Well, I guess we know how this may end.

I had 2 charm packs of 5 in. squares of Quilt Blocks,  3 yards of white, and assorted yards of solids and prints.

Today I made my first block:  Box  it's a traditional block.  Don't know how it got it's name.

BOX, finishes 12 inches

4 -5 inch grey print charm squares
4- 5 inch yellow solid squares
1- 4 inch yellow solid square

Take 1 grey squarer RS up and 1 yellow square RS down.  Draw a line from point to point and sew 1/4 inch from both sides of the line.  Make 4 of these.  Cut on the line to make 8 half square triangle patches.

Now, Line the squares up and trim them down to 4 inches square.
I match the center seam with the diagonal line running across the cutting mat.
This, is how the patches should look:
Sew patches and rows together using a 1/4 inch seam.  Hopefully, your corners will match better than mine!  I have one little corner that's a little off.  But I'm happy.  Now I have to iron the seams into submission!
Happy Quilting

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