Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mini Pumpkin Treat Bags

Halloween is around the corner.  Here is a really cute bag to make for the little people in your life.  Even if you don't do Halloween, pumpkins cross all boundaries.  They can be easily adapted for other themes.

All seams are ¼ inch. Basic sewing supplies are needed beyond the list below. Basic sewing skills are also necessary. This is a simple bag that can be adapted to make a more complex bag. Sizes can also be changed. Just use a rectangle.

Materials Needed
Black rick rack, about 8 inches long
Scraps of black fabric

2 pieces of orange fabric, 5 ½ x 6 ½

2 pieces of other fabric, lining 5 ½ x 6 1/2

Grosgrain ribbon for handles, ½ inch wide cut 2 pieces 10 in long

Double sided fusible web, scraps

Fray check, optional
1. Draw eyes and a nose on the paper backing of the fusible web. Peel the other side of the paper off. Place the web on the wrong side of the black fabric. Carefully cut out the eyes and nose.
2. Center the eyes on the orange fabric. Peel the paper off the back. Do the same for the nose. When you are happy with the look, iron them down. Read the directions for the fusible web and iron as directed. I like to stitch around the fused pieces for added stability. This gives you a pumpkin face.

3. Pin the rick rack on the orange fabric to form a mouth. The ends will eventually fray. Fray check may help or zigzag the ends. Trim exceeds off. Sew down the center of the rick rack.

4. To make the handles, use ribbon.

5. Pin the handles on the front and back of the orange pieces 1 inch from the edge. Stay stitch close to the top edge.

6. Place the orange pieces right sides together, and sew the right side.

7. Iron the seam open. Place the orange fabric right side up. Pin together. Make sure the handles are inside and not hanging out. Sew along the left side and bottom of the bag.

8. For the lining, pin the 2 pieces right sides together. Make a mark on the left side 2 inches from the top and bottom. This will be left open, to turn the bag. Start sewing from the top mark and sew to the top edge and stop. Go back to the bottom mark and begin sewing all around the bag, until you reach the top edge. Remember to lock stitches at the beginning and end.

9. The lining should be right sides together. Take the outer bag (pumpkin face), it should be right side out, and place inside the bag lining. Pin them at the top. Sew around the top of the pumpkin bag.

10. Reach in the opening and pull out the bag. Push corners in, straighten the bag as you go. Iron. Hand stitch the opening closed. I like to stitch the top edge, it looks more professional.

These little bags are a lot of fun.  Be careful they are addictive.

Happy Quilting!

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