Sunday, September 5, 2010

I have my first follower....Yipee!

Welcome to my blog grandmarockton!  I would give a shout, but I'm a little under the weather today. 
I'm almost finished with the Fall quilt.  The orange border didn't work.  All of my oranges were way too neon!  So disappointed.  But I did keep with my goal of not buying anything.  Everything came out of my stash!

I was thinking about my grandmother this week.  She has Alzheimer's, when I was younger she taught me to quilt.  I went into my dungeon (quilting closet!) and started looking through the few treasures I have from her sewing box.  I have a few hankies as well.  I am trying to come up with something, some sort of quilt to highlight what she has meant to me.  I have a few wooden spools of thread  (do they even make thread on wooden spools anymore?) , a well used thimble, a piece of tatting, and a ton of buttons.  Some still have a piece of fabric attached, they were cut off of old clothing.  That's one lesson I learned... don't throw buttons away.  The YLI thread isn't old, but it still has the threaded needle stuck into it!  The little booties were my fathers.  So cute.  I arranged them all just to look at them, to see how an arrangement would look.  I have something brewing in the back of my mind,  it just may take awhile to form.

So if the person who taught you to sew or quilt is still around, take the time today to thank them for the gift they have given you.  Try to go see them, give them a hug, and a kiss.

Happy Quilting

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