Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall, Part 1

Never work on a quilt after 10pm...if I begin to ramble, forgive me.  I started on the house.  I originally tried a paper pieced house, but it was too boxy.  I even added curtains, but it still didn't work.  I drew out this 2 story kind of wobbly looking house with a fence and pumpkins in the front yard.  I like it much better.  Hopefully it will work.   I drew the tree while looking at this monster oak that lives in my backyard.  It looks permanently windblown!

Now, I am auditioning doors and windows.  I want the illusion of a face.  I don't want them all to be the same color.  I'm playing with variegated fabrics.  Will see how it works.
I'm not sure about the red door.  Looks too bold.       I think I like the last photo.  I haven't had a lot of sleep.  I think I will look at it a while before I decide.  The house fabric is great.  I got it from a friend who used shaving cream marbling.  I love that fabric it's so cool.            Happy Quilting!