Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall, part 2

I worked on my tree yesterday.  It was drawn using the oak tree in my backyard as inspiration.  I layered diffeerent fabrics on a piece of double sided fusible web.  Heat set it, and cut it out.  Then I placed it on the background.  I love my tree!  It was so much fun.  I thread sketched it down to keep any little bits from falling off  (that didn't get heat set witht the iron).

Then I cut up little snippets from the dyed fabric, after they were placed on double sided fusible web.  It was a pain placing each piece of fabric on the background.  I had to make sure they were sticky side down.  I do not want to buy a new iron today!  My little girl loves the swirling leaves.   I have had this hanging up all night.  Looking at it to decide on a border or not. 

To Border or Not That is The Question?
I originally wanted a one patch border all around, a way to use up my stash.  (As if that is actually possible!)  Looking at it now, I think that would be too busy and would take away from the piece.  My husband agrees, he thinks I tend to go a little overboard.  I like busy!  At this point I am thinking a 2 inch brownish border, maybe a 1/2 inch tiny inner border of orange.  I really want to use orange for some reason.  Or just bind it.  HMMMMMMMMMMM................  I have to think about it.

Happy Quilting!


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free indeed said...

I love this piece! I think your idea of having a tiny orange border is a good would pick up the warm colors in those swirling leaves very well and draw our focus there. Love your oak too...I have a thing for trees and have always wanted to try a quilted one...