Monday, September 13, 2010

New project- Memory quilt

Friday I was looking through my email and came across a slide show from The Quilt Show.  You can see it here.  Didi Salvatierra had a small quilt using buttons to make a basket.  Theme of all the quilts for the contest was New from Old.  When I saw it I knew I needed to create one similar to it.  My grandmother has Alzheimer's.  Recently I had received a large collection of her buttons.  I've been looking for project to use them in, as a memorial.  This was the perfect idea.  So, on Saturday night I started my little quilt.  When I finish, the button basket will be the medallion in the center.  Surrounding it will be pieces of my Grandfather's work shirts.  He passed away this summer.  I plan on giving it to my father for Christmas.  Thank you Didi for the idea.

Happy Quilting

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