Thursday, October 7, 2010

Went shopping

I just got back from fabric shopping.  It was soooo depressing.  Mobile needs a quilt store.  Anyway, my mom asked me to make her 2 aprons for Christmas.  One to use in the kitchen and one to use when she's feeding the hummingbirds.  Why the hummingbirds need their own apron is beyond me.  She asked and I said yes.  Hancock's had their patterns on sale for $.99.  I found this cute apron pattern.

I am making the "cat" apron in the bright floral print.  This one is for feeding the hummingbirds!  I know I'm twisted.  It just sounds so funny to me.  I think my mom will appreciate the humor.

The "chicken" apron will be made in the chicken fabric.  The colors are darker, she requested fabric that wouldn't show stains to bad.  She actually plans on cooking in her apron!

I have until Christmas to make them.  They are Christmas gifts.  So now both parents are done for Christmas.  I guess I need to start on my husbands side of the family!  I'm off to equilter to buy some fabric for the Ho Ho Holiday swap.

Happy Quilting!


Logopaedchen/Kirsten said... happy you have a Hancocks around. I have my next fabric store at 25 miles my next quilt store is over an hours drive...Germany is fabric desert land

I like the idea of a cat apron to feed the hummingbirds :-) I like twisted humor..

Shane said...

You have asked the burning question I have long been asking....why can't Mobile or even Baldwin County support a true quilt shop? I bought fabric yesterday at Hancock's and walked away feeling like I had to settle for something I really didn't want. I support A&E in Pensacola on a very LARGE scale. You think A&E will open a Mobile store if we beg loud enough???

Cheryll said...

I loved to watch the hummingbirds when I lived in Canada. None here in Australia although we have other just as cute birds to watch.
Hope the CAT on the fabric has a smile on his face?

ytsmom said...

Love the pattern. Yes, I would have used the cat for the bird feeding apron too!

QuiltSue said...

I too love the slightly quirky humour in this.

So, what will you be creating tomorrow on Quiltalong Day I wonder?

Caren Kristine said...

Sue, I think tomorrow I will work on my ornament for the Ho Ho Holiday swap and the Memory quilt. I have a cool tag I'm working on for that. I have a ton of housework I've been avoiding and a girl scout event! Busy day!