Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sew much to do, sew little time....

I woke up this morning from a rough night. #2 daughter had a nightmare and kept us up half the night. So I am sitting here with a cup of hot cocoa....trying to wake up enough to do some much needed work.  I did snap this nice little photo this morning.

Sorry it's a little blurry.
In case you are not from around here....this is a hurricane lily .  I don't know their proper name.  They are called Hurricane lilies because they bloom for one week during hurricane season.  Most people consider them weeds, these days.  They are kind of old fashioned.  I love them.  They are extremely hardy.   Meaning they will grow anywhere.  They have been known to grow and bloom when sitting on a little dirt on concrete.  Of course they will not grow in my yard.  My yard is some sort of a gardening black hole.  Things that should grow will not.  When my husband and I were first married I planted a hundred of these bulbs.  They came up that first year and never again :(

This is my newest mug rug.  I know you are tired of these:)  This one is drawn from an elephant ear in my yard.  They are quickly dying back for the season.  This variety actually has black ears.  The more shade they have the darker they are.  The fabric was painted and they fused and free motion quilted.  Again I just used what I had laying around.

Christmas Sewing List
1.  Finish the last (!) CD cover
2.  Make 2-3 ornaments
3.  Make 2 more notebook covers for my girls
4.  Make 2 aprons for mom
5.  Make Quilt Guild Christmas presents?
6.  Finish Winter Quilt
7.  Make mug rug (last one)!

I think that might be everything!  That's enough to keep me busy for a while!
Happy Quilting



QuiltSue said...

That rug is great too. You're going to be busy with your sewing machine for Christmas.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Have you tried getting a cutting or a division from a neighbor's plant? Sometimes the ones you purchase are a slightly different sub-species than the ones you see in other's yards. Love the elephant ear, we have two big ones in our yard. They don't die back though.

Caren Kristine said...

Sand and sunshine
I'm not sure you can buy Hurricane Lilies... The ones I had were from someone's yard who didn't want them. I knew they should have grown. Hurricane Lilies are bulbs, I don't know if they will grow from a cutting. Seriously, my yard is a black hole. The only thing it likes is Day Lilies, Lantan, and Walking iris.