Monday, October 4, 2010

Improve your butt challenge, update

Warning:  Not Quilt Related Post!
I have sewn a stitch in almost a week!  The Clue Party was a huge success!  Now I just have to get rid of all the left over birthday cake!  The dog finished up the Cheetos for us.  I should wait a day or two before I give him the leftover cake.

I woke up this morning and it was a brisk 52*.  I was so happy.  The wind is blowing, the air is crisp....Fall has actually arrived.  So in honor of fall I went to the grocery store and stocked up on all these wonderful fall fruits and veggies that are staring to come in.  I bought a butternut squash.  I have no idea how you prepare butternut squash!  Never eaten it, I don't think its an actual Southern veggie.  I plan on roasting it.  I found a recipe for roasted fall veggies.  Then tomorrow I'll use the leftovers for a creamed soup.  My husband will be so happy!!!

Today, I have walked 2 miles.  It's only 10:00!  Yippee!  I'm ahead of schedule.  I also ate an apple instead of birthday cake!  That in itself is a miracle.  Birthday cake is my favorite.  I made a red velvet cake and frosted it with homemade butter creme....we won't talk about how many pounds of powdered sugar, butter, and shortening went in to it.  I think I hear my arteries clogging as I speak!  You only turn 8 once.

Happy Quilting!

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