Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mug Rug

OK, there are 3 things in quilting I don't do.  1) is pieced curves 2) half square triangles (ie: flying geese)  3) ripping out. The reason.....because that is where my arch enemy Lord Bias lives.  I have been quilting for  14 years.  OMG !!! I did not realize it had been 14 years.  You would think I would be better by now!  Oh well.  I still have problems with bias.  I saw this pattern in McCall's Quilting .  I thought that would make a nice rug mug for my mother in law.  She's very traditional.  So I dig out my precut squares from another project.  I actually get a ruler and draw my sewing and cutting lines and I even pin the little angels when I sew.  See the pretty squares below all neatly laid out waiting to be sewn together:)

I take them to the dungeon to finish sewing them together.  I'm feeling so good that Lord Bias has stayed away, maybe he's on vacation.   I iron the block and admire how almost all of my points meet.  I take a picture....and AHHHHHHHHH!  I sewed the bottom row on upside down.  Instead of having diagonal matching corners I have vertical matching corners.  

Know I'm going for a walk to decide if I am going to rip that out and resew it. (smoke coming from ears)

Happy Quilting


Sand and Sunshine said...

Oh leave it. It looks pretty this way and if you don't tell she'll never know.

Cheryll said...

Just go slowly and it'll work out just fine! I love the colours you used.

QuiltSue said...

I think it looks great either way.