Monday, September 19, 2011

I actually sewed today!!!!

The temps. have gone down.  I actually went into the dungeon and used my sewing machine.  It felt so nice!

Today I worked on a Christmas present ( unfortunately it was for someone else!)  My mom has Macular degeneration and can not see well enough to sew.  She wanted little britches to have a zebra print pillowcase, she loooves zebra print.  So mama bought the fabric and I whipped it up this morning, in like 20 minutes!
Her name will be monogrammed on it also.  This is the easiest pillowcase pattern.  Here is the link.  The only thing that takes so long is the pinning.  Once you have the shop cut the fabric there is no cutting.  You just lay it out, pin it, and sew.  The inside is french seams, so there are NO raw edges anywhere.  Super simple!

I also manages to cut out the first of the dress patterns.  Today when they get home I have to pin it on her to make sure it will fit.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Happy Quilting!

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