Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last days of summer

Yesterday Sweetie Pie surprised us with a trip to the beach, well sort of...Dauphin Island, it's closer than Gulf Shores! 
This large fellow hung around all afternoon.  We even saw him catch a fish and eat it!
Theses were everywhere!  Dauphin Island isn't know for it's shells, but it had a ton of driftwood and jellies.  Daughter #2 had fun poking them, until one of them poked back!  Ouch!

                                                                  Beautiful View

                                           The Pier without water!

                 I found shells!  (Sorry about the shadow!)  These move....hermit crabs galore.   
                                               This fellow caught his supper!  I wonder if he will share?
                                                 Time to go home.
Happy Quilting

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