Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fish Finished

I have had a rough weekend.  I have shingles.  No I am not old enough to have shingles, but I do!  And it is really painful. 

During a lull this morning I finished my Fish Quilt.  The Lure was my grandfather's and I still need to tack it down.  This quilt will go straight on my sewing wall.  I know it is very wavy.  It adds to the feeling of the ocean!

Happy Quilting


Michele Bilyeu said...

Caren, I am so sorry about the shingles! It' such an odd and challenging disease!Three members of my family have had it, and all I can say is that the younger you are, the 'easier' it is on you. My son had it all over his torso and behind his knees in his early 20's, my elderly MIL around her waist, and it viciously attacked my father's opthalmic nerve and covered his head and face shortly before he passed at age 93. It was horrendously agonizing for him, bearable for the others. A lidocaine first aid type spray from any store helps immeasurably. The lidocaine has to be in it for the numbing of the pain Other than that, the pills etc. do minimize it as do the drugs if you are on painkillers. Blessing to you and may it be short lived!!!

Cheryll said...

Oh NO! too painful!!!!!
Love the fish quilt especially with the lure on it. :)
I grabbed your button.... NiCe ! :)

QuiltSue said...

Shingles is horrid. I do hope you get better soon.