Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fishy Foto

I worked on my wild fish tonight!  This is a memorial for my grandfather who died last year.  He was an avid fisherman.  He also had a work shed full of old rusted bits and bobs, that;s what I used for the fabric! A week, or so ago, I posted a picture of the start of the fish.  Tonight I finished the fussy cutting and fusing.  I fused the whole fish to a piece of fabric I dyed this summer.  The borders were "rusted" this summer also.  That was really hard to sew through!  Parts of the fabric have a thicker coating that others. 

The color combination is unusual, but I think it works.  Hopefully I will start quilting it tomorrow.

9/25- Note to self:  When free motion quilting use a "jeans" needle it helps with the crazy tension that is the bain of my existence!

Happy Quilting