Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cool weather

After Tropical Storm Lee left we have had the most wonderful weather.  For the past 2mornings I have woken up  to temps in the late 50s.  It is wonderful.  I am almost ready to start sewing again!  I did a little sewing this morning.  Girl scout season is starting up and Daughter #2 is now a Brownie.  I had to sew on her insignia, although all of it didn't get sewn on, I have no dark brown thread.  (How is that possible!)

Over at Quilting Arts the new challenge of the month is using altered fabric.  Yippee...I have lots of that.
This fabric I dyed this summer and the center was rusted.  Now my idea is a little odd.  One of the blues will be the background with a collaged fish.  The rusted fabric will be the border.  The idea was to make a remembrance quilt of my grandfather who died last summer.  All of the rusted stuff came from his shed and he loved to fish.  I have one of his OLD fishing lures that will be dangling in front of the fish.
 This is what I have so far:

He's not sewn down yet.  Just sort of loosely stuck in place!  I'm not sure if I like the colors.  I like the red fin and the green spotted fabric, but not so sure about the black.  It seems too dark.  What do you think?

I also have another sewing project in the wings.  Daughter #1 is having a Middle Ages Feast for Thanksgiving!?  I know sounds odd, but fun!!!  So of course she needs an outfit to wear.
Of course she likes the green dress with the pointy hat!  For some reason US pattern makers don't make many, or any, pattern for Halloween for little girls above a size 8.  So mommy has the additional joy of altering the pattern.  Her fabric is a glittery purple satin.  The trim is shinny gold rickrack.  She wanted a fancy gold braid, $4 a yard!  I told her it was too expensive for a costume she would only wear 2 or 3 times!  I did tell her I would add a few beads and sequins to the collar.

Daughter #2 was upset she wasn't getting a dress, so of course now I have to make 2!  She's getting the red dress.  She even wants it to be red satin!  Now, she is only 7.  She saw the pattern and got excited over the veil.  She said it looks like a wedding dress!  I am in so much trouble!

There are rumors of other sewing projects, but we will have to see!

Happy Quilting

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Sand and Sunshine said...

I like the red dress, but with the pointy hat. Goodness gracious that will be a lot of sewing.