Wednesday, February 16, 2011

REd Quilt

I worked on my yo-yos.  Thicker  thread and a bigger knot seems to be working.  This little quilt is for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  This months color is RED.  It will also be a quilt for the AAQI.  This is my progress so far.
I like the backs of the yo-yos better than the fronts.  The gathered side is the "front", but my gathers tend to be uneven!

Yo-yo Backs.

Yo-yo fronts.

What do you think?  I like the texture of the fronts, but they are so uneven.
Happy Quilting!


Cheryll said...

Who says the gathering has to be on the front.... I'd go with what I LiKeD best. No rules in my world!

Angelcat said...

I agree with Cheryl, go with what you like. I kinda like the unevenness of the fronts though, not all flowers have perfect shapes :)