Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's My Birthday!!!

It's my Birthday!!!!
I won't tell you how old I am, I'd have to look it up anyway!  I want to thank all of you in the blog world for dropping by and reading my crazy ideas!  It has been so fun.

Now on with the quilting!  I worked on the red Alzheimer's quilt, I spent an hour making 1 little flower shaped yo-yo.  Only to have it come apart :(  I think I need stronger thread, or a bigger knot.  I'll try one more than I will look for alternatives in 3D flowers.

Coco is coming along, I have added the window and hats, no pic yet.  I am waiting for the iguana to be added.

My new project, like I need another one.  Is for the Forum Challenge over at Quilting Arts.  It is on Homophones.  So I wrote a little tale about a Knight at night.  Here is the sketch (don't laugh at the stick figures I only had 5 minutes).

I bought this group of fabrics to make the knight and his horse.  The background will be black.  The metallic tulle is for all of his armour and chain mail.  The tan is a pseudo suede.  It has a nice soft feel, and I hope it does not ravel.

The top edge of the banner has a 3D "fringe".  It mimics the edge of the battlements.  I don't know how I will construct that!  I don't know if I can turn an edge like that.  If all else fails, I will use prairie points!  Any way, my birthday present to myself will be starting this project.  I have until February 28 to finish it and upload the pictures.

Happy Quilting


Angelcat said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful quilty day.

Logopaedchen/Kirsten said...

Happy, happy birthday! Hope it is a wonderful day and you get lots of nice presents.

Cheryll said...

HaPPy belated BiRtHdAy. Sorry I missed being on time..but the sentiment is the same. Hope you had a great one!