Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Thank you for the birthday wishes.  I will be getting a pair of hiking sandals for vacation this summer.  We are going to the Smokies.  I can't wait.  My little girls gave me bling!  All of you mommies know what happens when kids go shopping!  My little one (she's6 1/2)  gave me this large heart "ruby" ring with diamonds all around.  She was so proud of it.  It is very bright and shiny, just like her.  My eldest (8) gave me a glass heart necklace with rock chips and beads on the chain.  It had a matching pair of earrings!  When I took the girls to school today I was all decked out!!

I have been using my day very well.  I have my iguana fused to the background of Coco's quilt.  I had to reduce the drawing by 50% to make it the right size.  Isn't he cute.  I think he needs a pink leash.  The hats need detail work to finish them off.  I reverse appliqued the window.  It was the only way to make it look like a window, and not a box stuck on the top!  That was my first attempt at that!

Here is my progress on my Knight.  This is just fused on.  If I have time today I will add some foil or metallic tulle for his boots, gloves, and helmet.

Gotta go, Girl Scouts is calling.
Happy Quilting


QuiltSue said...

I think the iguana's leash should be bright pink to match Coco's shoes.

Cheryll said...

Coco's quilt is looking fantastic. I just love your use of colours. And now I have the knight to look forward to as well! Well done!