Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Knight at Night

It's finished!!!  I spent 2 hours this afternoon finishing up my Knight.  I wrote the tale of the Knight on the background before I quilted it.  I didn't want the quilting to overshadow the writing, so I used black.  I added chenille for the reins and a cape.  The flap at the top is not quilted.  I wanted the look of a banner.  The kids love it.
The knight at night sat upon his faithful horse
He was on his way to see his fare maid at the harvest fair
The wind blew his blue pennant, causing it to snap
On his journey he slept in fields with flocks of sheep munching on phlox
He sang songs on the road, as he rode to the fair to see his bonny lass.
He sang until he was hoarse (of course)
He has been to Rome to see the Parthenon
He went to Jerusalem to seize the Holy City.
He rowed across the Irish Sea… all for his fare maid Mary.
Now he roams no more, home he returns.
He seeks to marry the merry maid, Mary.
What a lovely pair the two shall make
The Knight and the lovely Maid of Pears.
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