Thursday, May 26, 2011

I've got mail

Yesterday in the mail I received my goodies from 3 Creative Studios.  I was so excited, but not nearly as excited as my girls.  I just couldn't open it fast enough for them.   Look what was inside...

Among other wonderful goodies, there is a goddess sheet and 2 packets of Misty Fuse.  One black and one white.  I've never used Misty Fuse, they don't sell it here (or I've just never seen it).  I can't get over how thin and airy it looks.  I can't wait to try it out.  It also came with a door hanger that says, "Do not disturb, Goddess inside fusing"!  Don't you love that!  Fun days ahead for me.

In other news.....
I finished "Kirk's Lovely Lady".  I'm not totally happy with how she turned out.  Her feet were too big and I ended up going overboard with the thread work.  So to balance it out I added lots of beads ;)  I also used glow in the dark thread for the background.  Of course that won't show up in a photo!

Happy Quilting


Cheryll said...

Don't ya just LuV mail like that!
And if you don't like "big foot".. oh well... I'll take her off your hands!!! lol.... :)

upstateLisa said...

great mail!