Friday, May 27, 2011

Painting Fun

I love it when I get to jump into my toy box and really just play.  I have recently gotten to do that.  I warn you....lots of pictures follow.
Last week I used a pouch of Dylon Flamingo pink dye on inexpensive muslin.  I tied one up with rubber bands and the other I tied in knots.  Both left interesting marks on the fabric.  I had lots of dye left over, so I put a lid on it and stored it in Sweetie Pie's shop :)  I will find out later if it keeps!

Yesterday, I tried my hand at "Painting" a quilt top.  Now, I am not a trained artist.  I basically muddle my way through and hope everything works out in the end.  I was spurred on by this video by Deb Levy at 3 Creative Studios.  There are 2 wonderful videos, and I highly recommend watching them.  I did.  Then I proceeded to break all the rules and do what I wanted ;)  I used Dye-na-flow paints (because I had them) and too much water.  But it did give me a nice "watery" look, so breaking that rule wasn't too bad.  Although there was no keeping the paint in only the areas I wanted.  It went everywhere.  I used a little Lumiere in the sky to give it a nice twinkle.  I also added a little red to the 2 shades of blue left over to make purple for the sky.

The water was 2 shades of green mixed in with a little of the left over sky paint.  (Why waste good paint).  The water at the beach is a green and not the typical blue.

I also used acrylic craft paint for the sand.  I thinned it with water.  I like the rough appearance it has.

I used unthinned, straight from the bottle setacolor for the surfboard.  I had to use darker paint to cover up the spreading paint from the sky and sea!  The flower was a commerical stamp, which I then colored with my new Sharpie fabric markers which I love!

In the end...I like the way it looks.  It's a little darker than I had planned (too much paint!)  Deb said don't use a lot of paint...I of course didn't listen!  Next time I will try the quilted sandwich painting technique and follow the directions ;)

Happy Quilting

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Everything looks amazing good for you.