Thursday, November 25, 2010

Old Quilt needs Repairs!?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I went to my mother's for Thanksgiving.  She had this beautiful old quilt that was in my Grandmother's house.  We don't think she made it.  It looks older and the stitching is different from hers.  The problem is it is in tatters in some areas.  My father is determined to have the quilt "patched" so that he can handle it.  I don't know how much handling he plans on doing.  He lost his father this summer and his mother has Alzheimer's.  So he is trying to hold on to them through the quilts. 
My dad wants me to mend the quilt.  I know the binding has to be replaced.  My main concern is the "modern" thread damaging the fragile fabric.  The center of the quilt is in good condition.  The edges or where the problems are.  I don't know where to look for information on mending the quilt.  I personally think it is too fragile.  Please HELP!!!
The Blocks were had pieced and the sashing was attached by machine.  The quilting is beautiful hand quilting.  We are not sure of the age of the quilt.  I think the 30's.  I think the pattern is square in a square.  Any help or advice is much appreciated.

Happy Quilting


QuiltSue said...

I'm sorry I can't give any advice (unusual for me not to have anything to say, I know!) but I hope someone can help you.

Cheryll said...

I entered your name in my giveaway but you are a NON REPLY blogger.

Cheryll said...

Just going off memory... but go to your dashboard/edit profile/make sure "show email address" is ticked. See if that works. :)