Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Sweets #1

I hope everyone has been viewing the quilts at the Christmas Quilt Show.  I have really enjoyed it.  There are some beautiful quilts.  I am so in the mood for Christmas!   Here is my first installment of Christmas Sweets.  I love to cook, especially around Christmas.

Dora Lee's Dark Fruit Cake...
I know I lot of people do not like fruit cake...I don't care for it either.  But it is a Southern Tradition.  My Sweetie Pie loves Fruit Cake.  So I spent the day....yes the day making fruit cake.  If you don't eat fruit cake, please appreciate the time and money someone put in making it.  It is very expensive to make.  Here's the process in a nut shell.

Find the 2 biggest containers possible to mix it in, and get all of the fruit chopped up.
That's a pound of cherries, pineapple, raisins, and mixed fruit and peel.  The cherries sure  look pretty!
Don't forget 1 Quart of chopped nuts...

This is all the fruit and nuts with 2 cups of flour...the next picture cracks me up...

This is a cake plate top with 2 cups of flour and spices.  That is all the flour you put in the cake.  Just enough to make it all stick together.  It also has 7 whole eggs!

Grandma's recipe make a lot!  2 loaf pans and a bundt pan!  I have a small oven, so one loaf pan went to my mother-in-laws house to bake.  She gets to keep the cake too!
Now, 3 hours later I have 2 lovely cakes...

I think they fell a little in the center, I see a slight slope!  Oh! Well, sweetie-pie will still eat them.  The small cake goes to my father.  My parents are watching the kids for date night.  YIPPEE!!!!
I hope you enjoyed a visual walk through my day.  What are you baking for Christmas?

Merry Christmas

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QuiltSue said...

Yummy. I love the smell of christmas cake when it's baking.