Monday, March 7, 2011

A Tale of a Wand and 2 Bags!!!

Friday my Sweetie Pie was in his shop for a while.  I didn't know why.  Saturday he brought in a Wand...magic of course.  He turned this oak wand for a birthday present to our brother-in-law.  It's not your average wand.  This one is specifically for computer programmers.  It can magically fix bugs, viruses and annoying bosses or co-workers.  Inside is a strand of hair from  Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Dilbert!   My Sweetie is so funny.  Anyway, I had to make a bag to hold the wand.  If you knew my hubby, you would find this whole thing hysterical.

Today I had the reward of sewing for 1 hour.  I made a plastic bag holder.  I know doesn't sound real interesting.  But it was necessary.  We were drowning in paper bags.  So I found this pattern in a magazine.  It is basically a large rectangle with elastic at both ends and a handle.  The directions had a typo, but I figured it out.  I used my green scraps form the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Happy Quilting


QuiltSue said...

I reckon we all need one of those wands!

Cheryll said...

You have a very clever hubby! Almost magical!