Monday, March 21, 2011


I have no sewing news.  Except me and the 2 little ones have started quilting their quilts.  This could take a while!  I thought teaching them to machine quilt would be the easy part:)  Boy, was I wrong!

This weekend was Girl Scout Camp.  We had beautiful weather.  Bright blue sky's and warm weather.  We hiked, had a bonfire, sang songs, went horseback riding, attempted archery, and went swimming.  Well as much swimming as can be done in 3 inches of water:)  The only thing I don't like about camping is...the sleeping part;)  If I could just show up on Saturday and skip the bug invested creaky cabin  I would feel much better!   But I guess it is all part of the experience! 

I got these new hiking sandals for my Birthday in February.  I took them to camp with me.  They worked great....until I woke up the day after we returned.  My knees hurt so much.  I felt like an old woman creeping along, groaning with every move.  I am not that old, I'm not yet 40!  Although, other than the occasional walk and gardening, I am not athletic.  My knees still hurt today, just not as bad.  I was planning to take them to the Smokies with me on vacation.  We are planning on hiking!  I may need to rethink my footwear!

Gotta go, my joints are screaming for cream
Happy Stitching

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