Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Art out of Frustration!

My hubby watched the kids today so I could study.  It started out to be such a good day.  I made fresh Cranberry Muffins for breakfast.

 Not much studying got done.  I spent 4 hours in total frustration.  So I stopped!  It was either quit or bang my head against the wall.

Anyway.....I had this idea of a tree with an ivy vine growing up the trunk.  The inspiration is outside my door.  I see it everytime I sit at the table.  But I could never figure out how to do it.  This part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  There is green I promise!  Just not much of it yet.

Out of frustration I just did it.  I grabbed fabric laying around, free hand cut them and started layering them on the base fabric.  Then I covered the whole thing with dark green tulle.  I left a few wrinkles for effect.  I sew down most of the edges.

Next I placed it on top of the batting and backing, and free motion quilted it.  It's an oak tree with lots of growths and buldges.  There's even some moss and ferns growing on it.  Nice and neat wasn't part of the equation.  ( I just can't get away from math!)

For the vine I braided some scraps of yarn and tacked it down with the sewing machine.  Then I made the binding.  It all took about 2 hours!  I still need to make the leaves.  They will be appliqued later.  Now I need a name!

Maybe tommorrow will be better

Happy Quilting

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