Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CoCo goes Shopping, part2

I haven't had much time to sew this past week.  I've had sick kids, work, and studying for a test!  Last night I did lock myself in the dungeon for a little while.  I added a potted plant to the background.  The pot is hand appliqued, it added depth to the piece I think.  The stems are all fused.
I decided there needed to be more leaves.  The plant was a little thin.
I like it better now.  I'm thinking of adding some more leaves in purple.  We will see.  I told my sweetie pie that it would be cute if Coco was walking a big lizard.  He thinks she should walk a poodle.  A poodle is too predictable!  What do You think?

Laissez les bon temps roulet!!!
Mardi Gras season is almost here.  In honor of Mobile being the home of the American Mardi Gras, I made a small quilt last year.  I haven't shown it to the blog world yet.  Today I hung it up, and decided to share.

I made the mask on Fast2Fuse.  It has silk ribbon, beads and sequins.  The King Cake is covered with purple, yellow, and green beads.  A friend of mine suggested adding a plastic baby, but I think that would just freak my kids out!!  I added Mardi Gras beads around the edge of the quilt.  It was originally made for the QA Calender Contest....didn't win!  See ya later.

Happy Quilting


Cheryll said...

CoCo's lookin GooD! Just love the pot plant...suits the space. You're very creative! :)

QuiltSue said...

I think she should be walking something that moves slowly, as she will need time to look in all the shop windows!