Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 scrap challnege and other news

There is a cool Challenge at SoScrappy.  Each month has a theme color.  You use the scraps you have to make a quilt in that color.  January is Blue.  I thought I would knock out 2 birds with one stone.  I am using the scraps to make my 1st Alzheimer's Quilt
This is the first bowl of scraps.  I only went through one bucket of fabrics.  I used these for a secret project going on, over at Sew I Quilt.  So technically, I am using blue scraps for 2 projects!

This is my second bowl of scraps for the Alz. quilt.
This is the plan for the quilt, I drew it out in my sketchbook.  Just so I have a guide.

The background is pieced.  The wavy lines are quilting lines.  There's a little sand at the bottom, a nice rock, some seaweed, and some funny little fish.  I think it will look cute.  My grandmother has Alz.  She loved to fish.

Go on over to the Alz. website.  The January auction is going on until Jan.10.

Happy Quilting

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Kathy said...

I like what you have started doing with your blue scraps for the challenge. I need to get my blue scrap project going! I'm visiting the blogs in the listing looking for my inspiration.