Monday, May 7, 2012


Don't tell my Sweetie Pie...I went shopping!
I haven't been fabric shopping in nearly 6 months!  Shocking I know.  You've heard me rant before on the lack of good fabric shops in the area.  We have 2 chain stores and that is it.  They don't carry the really cool fabric I drool over on other quilt blogs.  Yes, I know I can buy fabric online, and I have.  But I need to feel the fabric, touch it to make sure it's the quality I like.  I've ordered online before and ended up with 'lower' quality fabric.  It was labeled quilt fabric, but it wasn't my kind of quilt fabric.  Don't even get me started on picking colors online!  I still have a piece of cornflower blue that goes with nothing I have, it was mistakenly bought.  I though it was a powder blue.  It wasn't!

Anyway here is my hoard after 2 days of shopping.
The white will be painted later :)  I don't know what I will do with the fun fish print.  It was just too cute to leave at the store! 

I am thinking about fussy cutting and fusing the flowers onto ....something!  The cherry blossoms an the top left were too cute to pass up, and I am a sucker for red, black, and white.
Can't wait to dig in to them all!

Happy Quilting,

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Cheryll said...

Isn't it FuN shopping..especially getting great fabric like you did! WooHoo !!! :)