Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Seeing...Triangles!

Whoa!  I had originally thought I would make a scrappy triangle quilt for AAQI.  Not so sure about that now.  Have to rethink the design process on that! 

Anyway....I finished the top to the triangle wall hanging.  This is the first quilt, larger than a sheet of paper, I have made for myself in months, maybe even a year or more!  Can you believe that.  I've mostly made small Priority Quilts for AAQI and forgot how much fabric and time one must invest in a larger quilt.  Not that this baby is that big!

(Yes, I know it is crocked.  That's because it is pinned to another quilt.  The little bit of blue peeking through on the bottom is a different quilt :) I don't have a design wall!

I wanted to do a paper pieced spiky points border, but that would require drawing off patterns and careful sewing.  I didn't feel like it so I sewed small strips together using the same colors I used in the triangles.  I tried to space them out so that they didn't have the same colors int he same place on the opposite side.  That didn't always work out ;)

I have pieces of unused binding from other projects....Would it be too scrappy to use that? Or should I use a solid black for binding?

Let me leave you with a photo from the beach at mother's day...I'll spare you the picture of me in a swimsuit!
Happy Quilting

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Cheryll said...

I love the colours in this one! Looks great! :)