Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meltin' fun...

There are 3 days left of freedom before school is out.  I spent the morning melting plastic bags.  The idea was to make a zippered pouch for the teachers and place a candy bar inside.  Well.....plastic melts really well and sometimes it melts unevenly.  long story short the pouches are not the size I had hoped they would be :)   It's always so hard trying to find something for teacher gifts. How many boxes of chocolate and #1 teacher mugs does one person need?   If I started back in March I wouldn't have a problem, but I started today. 

Each plastic sheet took about 5-6 plastic bags.  I also had to work with keeping the designs as visible as possible.  Oh...I also only had 7 inch zippers, and I wasn't going shopping!
Here are the finished pouches the 2 large ones are for my 2 girls!
The trick is to use pretty bags!
I still have a large shopping bag of unused bags and lots of melted pieces that didn't get used. 

Happy Quilting

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