Thursday, August 25, 2011

Too hot to Sew...

Yes, it can be too hot to sew.  I haven't touched my sewing machine in weeks ( or at least that is how it feels).  Anyway.  I went for a walk at the mall this morning and the merchants were already pulling out heavy sweaters!  It made me sweat just looking at them.  We still have a good month or more of hot weather.  Good news is all the summer stuff is on sale!

Sew, what have I been doing instead of quilting you may ask.  I have been working on a secret project (ha ha ha), reading cozies (mystery books), and finishing off the first 10 seasons of Midsomer Murders!  It's amazing so many people can die in a small county!  On that subject I have to ask my readers in the UK two questions.  1- What's the deal with coconuts? Every time there is a fete, Ins. Barnaby gets a coconut. 
2-  Are those baked beans he eats for breakfast or BBQ beans?  And can I get a recipe!?

I think the heat is starting to mess with my mind!

I just finished another great little book and I am surprised I have not run across this writer sooner.  "Booby Trap" by Sue Ann Jaffarian.  It was so funny.  Very well written.  Unlike a lot of cozies, the sleuth isn't old.  She a little older than me, but she is a big gal.  Unlike media of the day she is beautiful, bright, and a lot of fun.  There are several books in the Odelia Grey series and I highly recommend them.
Ok.  I have bored you enough go back to quilting.


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QuiltSue said...

OK, coconuts? They're just a very traditional thing at fairs - they've had coconut shys (don't ask why they're called that) since late 1800s I think, where you pay your money and can have a certain number of tries at throwing a ball at coconuts which are sitting in dish-things on top of poles. If you dislodge one, you win it.

His beans would be baked beans. We can buy BBQ flavoured baked beans in tins too, but whatever flavour he's eating, they will have come from a tin bought at the local supermarket/shop.