Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Christmas in ...129 days!

This is totally unrelated to quilting.  I went to the library today and checked out this little book:
"The Official Guide to Christmas in the South or, If you Can't Fry it, Spraypaint it Gold"  by David C. Barnette.

I laughed the entire time I read this book.  It is hysterical, which it is meant to be.  BUT it is so true.  I saw more than a few relatives and loved ones in this book.  Now I have to admit I am only half southern (my mama's from Texas and everyone knows it is it's own country.).

It covers all of the southern traditions, more than a few may be odd to outsiders.  If you need a good laugh go to your local library and check out this book!

Happy Quilting

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Sand and Sunshine said...

Odd Traditions? I'm from Florida and we're a bit off anyway, but I hate the smell of boiled peanuts. Now there's an odd one.