Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a PINK Christmas.....

yes, I said Pink.  Actually, Pink is one of my least favorite colors.  So of course my 2 girls LoVe Pink!  I made this quilt for a QA Calender COntest (it did not win).  Daughter #1 wrote the letter to Santa!  The girls love this little quilt ...I would hang it in their room, but the have a bad habit of taking things off the walls!  Then they are never to be seen again!

Meet the Frosty's
My Sweetie Pie is a woodworker.  For the last few years he has been making me snowmen.  I have to do the painting, he does the carving and turning.  He didn't like the one he made this year (not pictured).  So he still owes me one!

Merry Christmas

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QuiltSue said...

Cute pink quilt, just right for girls. I love the snowmen.