Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Mail Day

I received my ornament in the mail last night from Quilt therapy.  We were in the HoHoSwap from GenX quilters.  It looks great on the tree!  Thank You Quilt therapy!

Yo-Yo's are sew much fun!!!

I have a little quilt to show.  This is for the QA forum challenge called "It's My Nature".  I'll let you decide if I'm the volcano or the Hula Girl!  This was fun to make.  It started out being just a landscape with the surf, sand, and volcano.  I had all of that done.  Lots of thread work on the volcano.  But there was all this empty space.  SO I thought....a Hula Girl.  I had insomnia that night and couldn't sleep.  So I got up, quickly drew her up and started fusing and sewing.  An hour later I had my Hula Girl, named Coco.  Later I used silk ribbon and wool thread to make her skirt and lava.  The whole thing was machine quilted and bound.  I don't like the binding, I usually do it by hand...but it is done now!  Hope you like it.  The quilt is called "Caution:  Prone to Eruptions"

Happy Quilting

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QuiltSue said...

Your quilt is amazing.