Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Deck the Halls....

I came home today  and a little elf dropped this off at my house...
This cute little Christmas tree forest is covered in lights.  I can't wait for nightfall!  This brings the light count to 6000.  Although, I have to be honest 4 strings have gone out on the side.  A case of 1 light going out and the whole link goes out!!! We have to fix that:)

We have been decorating inside as well.
I love these "vintage" little angels.  The second tallest one belonged to my Great grandmother.  The others have just wondered into my house over the years.  Most people think they are a little tacky, I think they are sweet.

Here's a closeup of my tree.  The silver egg in the center bottom is a real egg.  My sweety pie and I made those our first Christmas.  While were on the giving season.  Run over to A Little Bit Biased.  She is having a great giveaway.  A layer cake and a pattern.

Merry Christmas

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Cheryll said...

What a fantastic idea-just love the tree forest! Cute angels too. Merry Christmas :)