Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cristmas Sweets, 2

I have spent the last 2 days baking and frosting a cake for #1 daughter's class party.  There is so much powdered sugar in my kitchen, I think it is actually hanging in the air!  I can gain wait just by breathing!  It turned out really cute.
Tonight is the
Quilt Guild Party.  I can't wait.  #1 daughter made her gift for the first time this year.  (She's only 8!)  We added a little something to it as well.  I hope it is well received.

I finally have a picture of the trees all lit up.  They look great.  We are now at 6,500 lights.  That sounds like a lot of lights.  But it takes 6 strands to wrap around the limbs of out large trees.  That's not counting the tree trunks.  We have another strand of 300 lights we haven't put up yet.  They are icicle lights, and we are not sure where to put them. 

I am working on the 3 Wise Men to add to our Nativity.  They may be finished by Christmas Eve.  But I wouldn't hold my breath!

Merry Christmas

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Cheryll said...

Your lights are fantastic! I KnOw you will have a great Christmas... so enjoy and I'll see you in 2011.