Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Using Freezer Paper to make a Quilting Template

This technique comes in handy when you don't want to mark the quilt.  This great if you don't plan on washing the quilt, or if the colors/fabric of the quilt make it difficult to mark.
quilt sandwich
freezer paper
cookie cutter
iron & ironing board.

1.  I'm currently making a baby quilt for my
     cousin.  So that is the example I am using.
     First, pick a cookie cutter that fits the theme of
     the quilt and fits the space available.  This on
     is about 3 inches wide.
2.  Trace the cutter onto the flat side (non shiny)
     side of the freezer paper.  Then cut out
     on the line.  Be careful to cut straight.
3.  On the cotton setting of you iron, iron the
     Shiny side down.  Do not place the iron
     on the shiny side.  It will stick.  I know from
     experience.  Iron until it sticks fairly well.  I
     don't time it.  I guess 25-30 seconds.  If it is
     not ironed enough it will not stick well.  If you
     too long, you may burn the fabric.
4.  Then quilt around the edge of the paper.  Use
     small stitches.  They go around curves
     better.  When you are finished quilting around
     the template, pull it off.  I have heard you can
     reuse these templates, but they will not stick
     as well.  Sometimes they begin to wiggle as
     you quilt, so limit the number you heat at one

If you try this technique let me know how it
works for you.

Happy Quilting

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