Tuesday, September 25, 2012

International Quilt Festival

Going to Houston?

Every year Houston, Texas hosts the International Quilt Festival.  I've never been, it's on my bucket list.  Three of my quilts will be there.  AAQI will have a booth and sell priority quilts.  My quilts are numbered 10235, 10236, and 10237. 
10,235 - Bliss 10,236 - At the Bottom of the Sea 10,237 - Ouch!

If mine aren't quite what you are after, there will be hundreds more to chose from.  Help find a cure for Alzheimer's buy a quilt.

Happy Quilting

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Sand and Sunshine said...

Your the second blog in just a few moments to mention the show - that I was looking at anyway. Congrats on having your quilts in the show.