Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Musings from a wannabe designer....

I just finished piecing the top of my first quilt that will be (hopefully) for sale....soon!  Sewing for  possible profit is different than sewing for enjoyment. Here are a few things I learned:
    1)  I draw out a yard of fabric and mark off how much I use.  (I need software:)
    2)  Measure twice and cut once is actually a good thing!
    3)  I  marked my background for the applique instead of  'winging it'.
    4)  I pinned, trimmed, and ironed like crazy.
    5) the end results, my corners actually meet.  Shocking I know.

Now I have the fun part: quilting.  This is the point where I think, "My quilting will either add to the quilt or totally screw it up!"  I'm hoping for the first.
I've been keeping track of materials and instructions, I just need to put them in the computer and have a buddy check them.  I hope to have the pattern ready in the next few weeks.

In other news...

I started a small wall hanging, for me, yesterday.  I have about half of the top finished.  It was pieced very wonky and has some fused applique.  I think it's really cute.
Happy Quilting

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Cathie said...

So colorful and cute! Your quilting will most definitely ADD to this litte gem. I see swirly spirals in the sky!!