Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gift for Sweetie Pie...

OK, I didn't make this today, but I did make it a few months ago.  It was a gift for my Sweetie Pie.  I searched the stores for a good anniversary card, with no luck.  So I thought...I'll just make him one.  This was the result.
The colors of our wedding were yellow and blue, hence the color choices.  There are two pieces of my dress also on the front of the card.  I hand embroidered a heart ,too pale to see ;(  and our initials.  Yes, that is us.  Aren't we a cute couple!

And this is us now!  WOW, we have changed!  Sweetie Pie loved the card, and it only took 4 hours to make!  Part of that time was spent locating and printing photos.  The inside of the card is made with super stiff stuff called inner fuse.  Next time I think I will use a heavy weight interfacing.  I want it to stand up on it's own, but not be as expensive to make. 

They are fun and addictive!

In other news.....

My day for the Glorious Autumn Block Party is just around the corner.
Glorious Autumn Block Party and Super Deals for Quilters
I have a really cool block in store for you.  The color's are not traditional fall colors but the subject screams fall.
This week at the block party:
Oct. 9th- Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works
Oct- 10th - Vicki at Quilting Lodge Blog
Oct-11th- Jovita's Patchwork Atelier

Happy Quilting,

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