Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WIPS and a finish...or 2

I haven't had a lot of time to sew over the last week.  I did get a few small quilts started.  I don't know when I will get them finished, my sewing machine is acting up.  It is time for it's annual tune up.
"The Road Home"  this is dedicated to my grandmother.  The scene is similar to all the mountains we saw on vacation.  Grandma never lived in the mountains, but she did live on a hill!

 "Our Dream House" was made a few months ago for a QA reader challenge.  The topic was "Tag your it."   This was a lot of fun to make.  I tried to make a crooked house, but it only leans a little!  Most of the fabric was either painted or dyed.  The chicken in the door is from fabric I made matching quilts for Sweetie Pie and daughter #1.

 "Rocks in a Stream" was also inspired by my trip to the mountains.  This is for a QA forum challenge.  The topic is the 4 elements.  The rocks are trapunto, my first attempt.  I wanted the quilting to reflect ripples and waves.  I'm not happy with how it ended up.  There are too many swirls.  I think I will add some thread work to look like moss on the rocks....maybe.
"Boo-tiful Night"  was meant to be a fun fall piece.  That's when my sewing machine decided to go haywire.  All of the eyes are quilted with glow in the dark thread.  The pumpkin arms are silk ribbon and there are beads all over the sky for stars. 

I'm trying to get a few tops fused, then when my sewing machine comes back I will have plenty to sew.
Thanks for stopping by.

Happy quilting
PS.  I have my "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" part 2 tickets.  Do you?


QuiltSue said...

I really love your Boo-tiful night quilt.

Do you know, I have neverr read a Harry Potter book, or seen one of the films. I have2 grandsons old enough to read them, but they're not interested, so I've escaped!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Great curves on that first one!