Friday, July 22, 2011

Beat the Heat

It is HOT.....
This summer has been miserable!  Up until last week we have been in a terrible heat wave and drought.  Everything in the yard has withered and died.  My daylillies briefly bloomed and my elephant ears were wilted.
Thankfully, last week the temps dropped slightly and it rained for about 3 days.  The rest of the country is in a heat wave now.  Our heat is not as bad.  Today the high will be 90*F, of course humidity is 93%.  So going outside is stepping into a sauna!  And unlike the rest of the country....we have air conditioning!

How to beat the heat:

1)  Read a book

I have already read the book, but since I just saw the movie I wanted to reread the story.
2)  Put a puzzle together
This is a small 500 piece puzzle daughter #1 is working on.  She won't let anyone help!

3)  Earn a badge

Girl Scouts is turning 100 next year!  Great way to occupy the kids!
4)  Watch a movie

I'm not happy about the new price increase....but I'm not giving up my movies.
5)  Sew (early in the day or late at night!)
This is a new Alz. quilt.  It still needs some work.  Sewing during the middle of the day is too hot!  So it takes a long time to finish anything in the summer.  Speaking of sewing.  I have almost finished my fabric doll.  I still need to finish her hair and add some more details.
She's not named yet.  I think she looks pretty good.  The girls love her.  They were disappointed to find the clothes don't come off.  They are sewn on!

Happy Quilting


upstateLisa said...

I can't even sew early in the day's about 100 here today. Hoping for a break! Stay cool!

QuiltSue said...

Your weather sounds horrible. Here it's about 61, which is not good for the middle of summer!

I think your doll could be called Emerald or Saphire, judging by her colour

Angela said...

Your doll is lovely. Have you come up with a name yet? If she were mine I think I'd call her Merina don't ask me why that's just what comes when I look at her :)