Friday, July 29, 2011

Exciting news

During the last Quilt Show, a handful of quilts were chosen for the Shared Experiences exhibit at the Mobile Museum of Art.  Shockingly, my little quilt "Games we Play" was chosen to be displayed.  I am so excited.  I took the kids and met Sweetie Pie and my parents last night to view the show.  It was beautiful.  There were ceramics, glass, wood, Photography, and paintings.  And of course quilts.  It was a great show.
The picture is not great.  I got distracted.  Little Britches was being scaled by the security guard for running through the exhibit.  Yes, we did discuss proper behavior before we left.  (Strong willed and bored!)
It was a great 20 minutes!
In other news.....
The weather has cooled off quite a bit here.  Of course it is raining most days!  I have gotten a few things started.  This one is called "Cookies for Santa".  The title will be written around the cookies, repeatedly, like it's the rim of a plate.  The cookies are sugar cookies.  I know some of them will have beads and fused Angelina fibers.  One or two may have puff paint for details.  I'm not totally sure...still working out the kinks.

Only 2 weeks until School Starts...yea!  Only 2 weeks until I start another year without a!  Oh! well I guess I'll quilt!

Happy Quilting

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