Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ode to Satsuma....

I was looking through my quilts yesterday and I came across an interesting.  "Satsuma" was my first quilt to design most of the blocks.  There are a few that were from different books.

I finished it in 1999.  I went around town taking photos of the landmarks.  Then I blew them up and traced them onto paper.  From the paper pattern I created a piecing guideline.  This was my first time to try that!  I didn't know about paper piecing, things would have been easier. 
Shown here are: first baptist Church, the old train, and gazebo.

A few of the blocks are applique...and not very good applique ;)

I like how it turned out.  Now, after years of washing the binding is beginning to fray and needs to be replaced.
This is the old school house ready for Christmas.

This is the mascot for Satsuma: the gator which roams freely in the bayous.

Thanks for reading and Happy Quilting

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