Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wip and video

After a few more of my AAQI quilts sold I was finally inspired to make a new one.  I have been living in a quilt black hole lately.  I took a small piece I made for a quilted book two years ago, and used it as the basis for an AAQI quilt.  I still need to add more beading and binding. 

This is the original (the swimsuit bottoms come off!)
This is the new quilt, the bottoms are sewn on and I don't think I will be writing on it.

The quilt is smaller because it had to meet AAQI standards, but I think it is still cute.

If you are low on ideas for an AAQI quilt check out this video.

I tired to get a screenshot, but it wouldn't work this morning!

Happy quilting