Saturday, April 2, 2011


I"m so happy it is Saturday.  It has been a busy week.  Thursday my Mommie turned 60.  We all got together for dinner.  I made the cake!
The little boxes are were the candles go.  I thought if I put 60 candles on the cake we might violate the fire code!! Daughter #2 has been sick all week.  She had a school play on Thursday.  We let her go for that.  Bad parents!

And Then I worked all week.
But look at this my garden is doing so well!!

The English peas are eaten young, straight off the vine.  They are so good!
This is our first attempt at lettuce.  I can't wait for them to get big enough to eat.  My goal is to not buy a canned veggie all Summer!

Happy Quilting

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Sand and Sunshine said...

Beautiful job on the cake. Sounds like a salad is on it's way!