Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tales of a pointy hat!

I finally got around and made the pointy hat for daughter #1 costume.  3 days early!  When I bought the pattern I assumed, never do that again, that the picture on the envelope would match the directions and yardages.  They didn't!  I ended up making 3 trips to the fabric store for trim and then coming up with my own way to make the hat.  I was not a happy camper last night!

It came out nice!  I added beads, to tack the tulle onto the hat.
Of course who knows how long she will actually wear it  ;)

In other news.....

I finished mister pumpkin.  I used variegated black thread for the bat and a little shiny grey.  I did heavy quilting on the background, which made the bat puff out.  Cool!  The pumpkins eyes, nose, and mouth are outlined in yellow glow-in-the-dark thread.  It glows really well.
I cut the piece out freehand, for a wonky look and zigzagged the edges.  I'm actually hoping for a little ravel on the edges.  I am hanging it on the bathroom wall.  The kids will love it!

Happy Quilting,

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Cheryll said...

Don't ya just hate making multiple trips out when you have something you just want to get finished!
Love Mr Pumpkin.. and so will the ghoolies...oopps.. I mean kids! :)